get us off of your mailing listsss

Denis V. Batalov dbatalov at csi.UOttawa.CA
Wed Aug 20 19:39:40 PDT 1997

> We do not want any further emails from you. we want to be removed from ALL
> of your mailing lists this would include past, present and future and any
> that may have been given out to other organizations and such.  We have
> repeatedly requested to be removed from all of these type lists but someone
> still has our address.  So look around and make sure our name is not on any
> of your lists
> we include snajay at, hr at, HRD at
> The HR dept of Inudsa Tech Corp.

I'd like to join this request. I have officially unsubscribed by sending
an e-mail and even got a confirmation. I am still receiving messages though.
Is it because I was subscribed to more than one kaffe related list? If this
is indeed the case, I would appreciate if my address can be removed from
all lists.

Thank you,

Denis V. Batalov                           I doubt, therefore I might exist.

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