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Timothy Corbett-Clark tcc at
Fri Aug 22 05:05:51 PDT 1997

Denis V. Batalov wrote:
> > We do not want any further emails from you. we want to be removed from ALL
> > of your mailing lists this would include past, present and future and any
> > that may have been given out to other organizations and such.  We have
> > repeatedly requested to be removed from all of these type lists but someone
> > still has our address.  So look around and make sure our name is not on any
> > of your lists
> > we include snajay at, hr at, HRD at
> > The HR dept of Inudsa Tech Corp.
> I'd like to join this request. I have officially unsubscribed by sending
> an e-mail and even got a confirmation. I am still receiving messages though.
> Is it because I was subscribed to more than one kaffe related list? If this
> is indeed the case, I would appreciate if my address can be removed from
> all lists.
> Thank you,
> --
> Denis V. Batalov                           I doubt, therefore I might exist.

Please also remove me from all kaffe mailing lists since requesting to
be removed using the methods explained in the "welcome to kaffe" mail
(ie send "unsubscribe" to kaffe-request at, or "unsubscribe
kaffe tcc at" to Majordomo at have had no


Timothy Corbett-Clark

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