Any reports on using Kaffe on Windows 95/NT platforms ?

Daniel.Veillard at Daniel.Veillard at
Wed Aug 27 01:48:53 PDT 1997

  I am wondering if people on this list are actually using Kaffe
on the Windows platform. Last time I checked, kaffe would at least
compile using the Cygwin32 environment.
  - Did someone successfully built Kaffe on MSVC++ environment ?
    (is there any patches/Makefile available ?)
  - Is there any real use of Kaffe on this platform.

The context is that we are now shipping Amaya on the Windows platform.
If someone could help me find whether producing the version of Amaya
embedding Kaffe will be a matter of hours or months, I would be extremely
grateful. We are currently using the MSVC++ environment, but could
probably migrate to the Cygwin32 one.


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