Jason Fillman jason2 at
Mon Dec 1 13:06:41 PST 1997

Hello All,

Please forgive me for the following stupid questions. I'm new to the
Java world, although I plan to get knee-deep in it as soon as possible.
It seems that Java is about the only thing that has a chance against the
Windoze empire. 

Anyway, I'm using RedHat 4.2, which includes Kaffe and JDK. The JDK
appletviewer works fine (although slow). When I try to run
appletviewer.kaffe, however, I get a message stating "CLASSPATH is not
set!" What do I need to do in order to set the correct classpath?

Also, when you compile the Linux kernel to run Java bytecode like a
native binary (which I've never gotten to work), does it use Kaffe or
JDK? Is there a way to set this?

Finall, once I get Kaffe running correctly, is there a way that I can
tell Netscape to use it instead of its java40.jar file? After all, most
of the Java applets I encounter are on the Web, and using a JIT
converter would really help out.

Thanks in advance for your help.

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