Valery V. Foiter valery at
Tue Dec 2 02:42:46 PST 1997

Jason Fillman wrote:

> Hello All,
> Please forgive me for the following stupid questions. I'm new to the
> Java world, although I plan to get knee-deep in it as soon as possible.
> It seems that Java is about the only thing that has a chance against the
> Windoze empire.

You're right absolutely, but java is not the only matter that have a chance
againstthe mentioned empire.

> Anyway, I'm using RedHat 4.2, which includes Kaffe and JDK. The JDK
> appletviewer works fine (although slow). When I try to run
> appletviewer.kaffe, however, I get a message stating "CLASSPATH is not
> set!" What do I need to do in order to set the correct classpath?

You must set system environment variables according to ENVIRONMENTS
file,that came with kaffe destribution, namely you need set CLASSPATH and
LD_LIBRARY_PATH to the corresponding directories when and
.so libraries are. Read README file carefully.

> Also, when you compile the Linux kernel to run Java bytecode like a
> native binary (which I've never gotten to work), does it use Kaffe or
> JDK? Is there a way to set this?

Hey Jason, it's new for me. Where did you find out about Linux kernel
recompilationso that make it possible to run java bytecodes like native
I'm not an expert in Linux realm and I didn't hear of this.

> Finall, once I get Kaffe running correctly, is there a way that I can
> tell Netscape to use it instead of its java40.jar file? After all, most
> of the Java applets I encounter are on the Web, and using a JIT
> converter would really help out.

Say that, there is no way to teach Netscape to use native kaffe This must use only own native classes. Maybe I'm wrong but I
the only matter that have success definetely using kaffe binaries are stand
applications without graphics for now.


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