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Tue Dec 2 07:46:17 PST 1997

Valery V. Foiter wrote:
> > Also, when you compile the Linux kernel to run Java bytecode like a
> > native binary (which I've never gotten to work), does it use Kaffe or
> > JDK? Is there a way to set this?
> Hey Jason, it's new for me. Where did you find out about Linux kernel
> recompilationso that make it possible to run java bytecodes like native
> ones?
> I'm not an expert in Linux realm and I didn't hear of this.
You set the execute flag on your .class files, and Linux starts the JVM
you have put in /usr/local/?? (I am not on my Linux box to check).
I have that working with the JDK.
You can just put Kaffe there.


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