Valery V. Foiter valery at
Tue Dec 2 09:49:09 PST 1997

Jason Fillman wrote:

> In the latest version of the kernel, you can enable the option to allow
> beta drivers. One of these is a driver that recognizes .class and .html
> files with the ?applet? tag, and automatically sends it to the java
> interpreter. The user, therefore, doesn't even notice the difference
> between java bytcode and binaries. Unfortunately, I've never gotten it
> to work. See the java.txt file that comes with the kernel source for a
> better discription than this one

 It's understood completely, I know it, but I wanted to find out not this.
Maybe I got you wrong. Currently working with java I experience a great lack of
system perfomance and I cannot use kaffe directly cose there's no graphics
support for now , so it looks vital for me to switch to JIT as fast as it
So it seemed to me you find something new in latest kernels to support direct
java.txt describes process of additional invokation of java binaries whenever
we making run of some appl-s. Those clever drivers you've mentioned just
recognize .class or .html to invoke java binary before it.
Anyway sorry for stupid question , why we cannot to write needed compilers
to produce native bytecodes not virtual so I cannot realize SUN's license
restriction bounding VM development.


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