can't compile kaffe-0.9.2 under Mklinux

Tony Juricic tony at
Mon Dec 1 15:55:51 PST 1997

Gilbert Nouno wrote:

> While compiling kaffe-0.9.2, I have the following error :
> gcc -g -fsigned-char  -I. -I./../kaffevm -I../../config -I./../../config -I../../include -I./../../include -o kaffe main.o -L../kaffev
> m -lkaffevm  -L../../packages/ -lkaffe_native -L../../packages/ -lkaffe_net -L../..
> /packages/ -lkaffe_zip  -L/usr/X11R6.3/lib -lX11 -lkaffevm -lm -lc

Check mu post about clean compilation on PC.

Basically, you have to remove string "kaffe_" from:
-lkaffe_native, -lkaffe_zip and -lkaffe_net in Makefile. 
These libraries are now called libnative, libzip and libnet.
Used to be libkaffe_native, libkaffe_zip and libkaffe_net.


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