Kaffe and Native Threads

Magnus Y Alvestad magnus at ii.uib.no
Mon Dec 1 21:09:46 PST 1997

[Tony Juricic]

| Me too. BTW what loosening of license are you talking about?  Sun
| looks to me as expensive and elusive as it always was.  Licenses
| left to lawyers to understand and interpret when the need
| arises. All I understood from discussion here is a sort of: maybe
| they won't, maybe they are not so bad, I think they are friends,
| etc.

Maybe he was referring to this message from Jim Mitchell:

Dear Magnus,

Thank you for your e-mail question regarding test suites. The clause in
the license agreement that is in the front of our specifications
published in the Addison-Wesley Series "...from the Source" says that
clean room implementations would have to pass any test suites that
*are* available from SUN. At this time, no test suites are available.
Therefore, clean room implementors do not have to pass any conformance
tests at this time.

We have also stated in our PAS application documents that clean room
implementations that are based on a resulting International Standard
for the Java platform will not have to pass any conformance tests from

We use our conformance test suite ourselves to make sure that new
implementations of the Java platform are conforming, and then we require
that our licensees pass those same tests once they have ported and
tuned our reference implementation. When they pass the tests, then they
are allowed to use the "Java Compatible" brand.  Of course, we cannot
and do not enforce any such rule on clean room implementations.

I hope this clarifies our position adequately for you.

--Jim Mitchell
  V.P., Technology & Architecture
  Sun Microsystems, Inc., JavaSoft Division


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