Bounce mail ( wasl Help...!!!)

Tony Juricic tony at
Mon Dec 8 13:10:25 PST 1997

Ricardo Kleemann  wrote:

> Hi,
> I've installed kaffe on an NT system. However when I run 
> 'kaffe HelloWorldApp'
> It just hangs there with the following message:
> (c:\kaffe\bin\kaffe.exe 1000) In cygwin_except_handler
> What's going on?

Well, there are now at least 3 of us having the same problem
with Kaffe 0.9.2 on Cygnus.

I still have KAFFE.EXE, version 0.9.1 compiled under Windows 95
and Cygnus and it definitely has no such problem. Actually it
works quite fine on many test programs ( except thread tests).
I downloaded latest patch for Cygwin libraries from Sergey and
recompiled, but the problem remains. There is one additional
note now: Cygwin.dll says that it is exception C0000005 which means 
that either KAFFE.EXE or Cygwin.dll causes a good, old GPF.

Unfortunatelly, I am no expert in using GDB even if the alternative,
to switch to MS VC++, is hardly any easier. Switching to MS
compiler requires answering some nasty questions about implementation
of Java threads on Win32 and then you must actually implement it.
I think I'll try to learn GDB in the meantime. It is probably just some
stupid uninitialized pointer.


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