Kaffe on Win95 (was bounced mail)

John D. Gwinner gwinner at northnet.org
Mon Dec 8 18:48:50 PST 1997

> Unfortunatelly, I am no expert in using GDB even if the alternative,
> to switch to MS VC++, is hardly any easier. Switching to MS
> compiler requires answering some nasty questions about implementation
> of Java threads on Win32 and then you must actually implement it.

I started to do this some time ago (not knowing about cygwin, and a 'gut'
feeling that a pure port would be better).  Like you, I got stuck in the
thread code, and put that project aside to work on some other things.

It looks like both Microsoft and Sun have changed their policy
dramatically (well, to be fair MS never was going to charge me a fee <G>),
and the JavaVM is now redistributable.  I'm therefore probably going to
concentrate on this, although I'd still love to use Kaffe. Not trying to
start another big discussion here, just point out why I don't have as much
time to work on this as I used to (which wasn't enough anyway)

		== John ==

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