Kaffe on Win95 (was bounced mail)

Tony Juricic tony at magg.net
Mon Dec 8 19:10:46 PST 1997

John D. Gwinner wrote:
> I started to do this some time ago (not knowing about cygwin, and a 'gut'
> feeling that a pure port would be better).  Like you, I got stuck in the
> thread code, and put that project aside to work on some other things.

It is really not the simplest of things. I am researching this issue via Net
and I've found out quite a few interesting articles.

According to article at:


Kaffe internal threads would be Many-to-One implementation,
Win32 would be One-to-One and latest, preferred on Solaris,
implementation would be Many-to-Many. Checking other
articles I am also given to try one Many-to-Many implementation
on Win32 for Kaffe, but there are still too many issues unclear to
me at this time. 
> It looks like both Microsoft and Sun have changed their policy
> dramatically (well, to be fair MS never was going to charge me a fee <G>),
> and the JavaVM is now redistributable. 

Oh, yes, JRE for Win32 allows you to distribute it in virgin form :-)
They are careful not to permit free distribution of JRE.JAR or mixing
their JVM with another. Basically, as far as JVMs go, it is :

- license it from Sun, even if it is JDK port for Linux or
- work with and on Kaffe.

> I'm therefore probably going to
> concentrate on this, although I'd still love to use Kaffe. Not trying to
> start another big discussion here, just point out why I don't have as much
> time to work on this as I used to (which wasn't enough anyway)

My situation is different. For me Kaffe on PC is just a testing/learning
ground for implementing Kaffe JVM on a custom embedded system. 

Good luck ( I'll need it too ) and regards,

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