kaffe 0.9.2 and redhat 5.0

psheer at icon.co.za psheer at icon.co.za
Thu Dec 25 07:12:25 PST 1997

(I am not on the mailing list)

Just tried kaffe on my redhat 5.0 installation:

[root at cericon kaffe-0.9.2]# set | grep KAF
[root at cericon kaffe-0.9.2]# set | grep LD_
[root at cericon kaffe-0.9.2]# set | grep CLASS
[root at cericon kaffe-0.9.2]# ls /usr/share/kaffe
biss.zip     classes.zip  lib          properties
[root at cericon kaffe-0.9.2]# cd test
[root at cericon test]# kaffe HelloWorldApp.java
java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: HelloWorldApp/java

Can anyone help?

Is this a glibc problem?

Does kaffe run ICQ for java?

Any chance of a freeware class.zip? Or something equivalent
that can be freely distributed?

Many thanks - kaffe looks like a great piece of work.


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