kaffe 0.9.2 and redhat 5.0

jamesd at spirit.com.au jamesd at spirit.com.au
Fri Dec 26 09:56:04 PST 1997

Hello psheer, on Dec 25 you wrote:

> [root at cericon test]# kaffe HelloWorldApp.java
> java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: HelloWorldApp/java
> Can anyone help?
  Easy, kaffe runs class files, not java source files. What you need to do
is use the command

  kaffe HelloWorld.class

  and that will run the class. To compile the java source file into a class,
use the command

  Kaffe sun.tools.javac.Main HelloWorldApp.java

> Does kaffe run ICQ for java?
  I have never heard of the package, but if it has no graphics then no
problem. Otherwise you will have to wait until BISS-AWT is updated to be
JDK 1.1.x compliant so that it works with the latest versions of Kaffe.

> Any chance of a freeware class.zip? Or something equivalent
> that can be freely distributed?
  There is a project working on that, see www.redhat.com/linux-info/jolt/
for more info.

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