kaffe dumps core

Erik erjohann at sn.no
Wed Feb 19 14:56:28 PST 1997

Ruben van Staveren <staveren at ronix.ptf.hro.nl> writes:
> I have compiled and installed the kaffe 0.81 distribution on a NetBSD 1.2 m68K 
> (amiga) platform with the following archives
> kaffe -v HelloWorldApp
> (which is suplied in the test directory)
> I will get this (and a big core):
> assertion "npc < meth->codelen" failed: file "./intrp/machine.c", line 185
> Anyone knows why ?
> oh and btw, NetBSD 1.1 and up uses -Bshareable instead of -Bdynamic and under

I used -Bshareable in the patches I made for kaffe-0.6.0 (first netbsd/m68k 
port), however someone seems to have changed it.

> stands -fPIC as of 1.2. 
> I've used -fpic (untouched) and -Bshareable because of unresolved refrences 
> to __DYNAMIC
> -Bshareable does produce a valid shared archive under NetBSD1.1
> Anyone got a hint for this ? It would be really cool if anyone could run java

Not really (well, the thread switching code is a bit 'dodgy'), but I 
did make kaffe-0.8.0 and biss-awt run, however kaffe-0.8.1 was released 
before I got around to submitting the patches. I'll see if I can take a look
at 0.8.1 over the weekend, maybe make JIT work on netbsd/m68k.


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