kaffe dumps core

Matthias Hopf mshopf at cip.informatik.uni-erlangen.de
Thu Feb 20 06:03:52 PST 1997

> > Anyone got a hint for this ? It would be really cool if anyone could run java
> Not really (well, the thread switching code is a bit 'dodgy'), but I 
> did make kaffe-0.8.0 and biss-awt run, however kaffe-0.8.1 was released 
> before I got around to submitting the patches. I'll see if I can take a look
> at 0.8.1 over the weekend, maybe make JIT work on netbsd/m68k.

Do you know who's the maintainer of the m68k NeXTStep, NetBSD and SunOS ports?
I did the original threading code for AmigaOS, but in my process of making the
thread switching code optimization safe the other ports were not able to use the
new thread switching code...
Now, as the new code seems to be stable, it would be great to use it for all
architectures. It would do the changes myself, but I need someone who could test
the new machine dependend code...



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