Integrating PSjava with kaffe

Aleksey Sudakov zander at
Wed Feb 19 22:04:04 PST 1997

I've been trying to build AWT on top of NeXTSTEP DPS using Mike  
(mike at PSjava package with kaffe and apart from minor problems  
with kaffeh that lack -o and -d options I run into numerous problems and  
start to doubt that it's possible after all.

Could someone please assure me that kaffe use Sun's AWT native methods? If  
this is the case could someone please tell me how should I go about  
integrating the library of AWT native methods with kaffe. Should I just link  
kaffe with that library or it ain't that simple?

The other thing that I noticed is that although NeXTSTEP support shared  
libraries make force kaffe to use static one with -DNO_SHARED_LIBRARIES. Why  
is that?

Hope I do not sound that much stupid.

Thanks in advance for any hint,


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