Similar kaffe symbol problem

George D Morrison gdm at
Thu Feb 20 00:40:03 PST 1997

Pohl Longsine wrote:
> Michael Schrag:
> >$ transcript2
> >kaffe: can't resolve symbol 'getcwd'
> >
> >
> >I'm having this same problem -- if you find a resolution for it, could
> >you let me know?
> I haven't found a resolution, yet, but I think I've found the
> source of the problem.  I'm using a different version of libc
> ( than folks who don't have this problem (5.4.13)
> so it appears that a downgrade might resolve the issue.

I solved this problem by putting '-lc' into the LIBS variable in
config.status, running config.status then rebuilding. I also had
a similar problem when running kaffe 0.8.0 with sawt which required
adding '-lX11' to LIBS.

I'm running Linux 1.2.13 on a Cyrix166+. Can't remember my libc

George Morrison
gdm at

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