Similar kaffe symbol problem

Pohl Longsine pohl at
Wed Feb 19 11:47:05 PST 1997

Michael Schrag:
>$ transcript2
>kaffe: can't resolve symbol 'getcwd'
>I'm having this same problem -- if you find a resolution for it, could 
>you let me know?

I haven't found a resolution, yet, but I think I've found the
source of the problem.  I'm using a different version of libc
( than folks who don't have this problem (5.4.13)
so it appears that a downgrade might resolve the issue.

I've downloaded in hopes that an upgrade might
also resolve the problem.  I haven't had the chance to try this,
and won't for several days.

I'm carbon-copying this information to kaffe at
in case this might ring a bell with the developers.

Again, I'm running Linux 2.0.27 ELF/i486, and attempting to
get teikade to run with kaffe & biss-awt.

Thanks to those who have responded already.

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