JIT on SunOS4.1.x

Ton van de Peut tvdpeut at hotmail.com
Wed Feb 19 04:59:21 PST 1997

I managed to get kaffe-0.8.0 compiled and running on SunOS4.1.4;
both jit and interpreter mode do compile (with the patches
mentioned on the mailinglist).

The interpreter version actually runs, but the JIT version
coredumps (illegal instruction) on whatever java code.
Here's the output of gdb:
Program received signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault.
0xef7bf8d0 in prologue_xxC (s=0x30438) at jit.def:130
130             insn_RRC(2, 0x3c, REG_sp, REG_sp, -framesize);

So far it always seems line 130...
Anybody have a clue what to do now?

tvdpeut at hotmail.com

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