problem running kaffe on SCO.

Danilov N.Y. god at
Thu Feb 20 11:18:14 PST 1997

I have compiled kaffe-0.8.0 on SCO 5.0.0. (without much trouble),
but when I am trying to kaffe -v -verbosejit HelloWorldApp,
it says:
Loading class 'java/io/OutputStream' from zipfile '/usr/local/share/kaffe/'.
Loading class 'java/lang/NullPointerException' from zipfile '/usr/local/share/kaffe/'.
<JIT: java/lang/ThreadGroup.<init>()V time 70ms (70ms) @ 8083560>
<JIT: java/lang/Object.<init>()V time 0ms (70ms) @ 807f140>
<JIT: java/lang/ThreadGroup.add(Ljava/lang/Thread;)V time 10ms (80ms) @ 8085624>
<JIT: java/lang/NullPointerException.<init>()V time 0ms (80ms) @ 8095dc0>
<JIT: java/lang/RuntimeException.<init>()V time 0ms (80ms) @ 8095e90>
<JIT: java/lang/Exception.<init>()V time 0ms (80ms) @ 8095efc>
<JIT: java/lang/Throwable.<init>()V time 0ms (80ms) @ 8095f68>
Loading class 'java/lang/NullPointerException' from zipfile '/usr/local/share/kaffe/'.
It seems, that NullPointerException occured when loading OutputStream,
before loading NullPointerException! them kaffe trying to load and jit 
NullPointerException, but that causes NullPointerException again... ;(

Any clues?
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