kaffe 0.8.1 installation problems (Mac)

Dr Paul Gorman Paul.Gorman at stonebow.otago.ac.nz
Tue Feb 25 14:24:25 PST 1997


I have Code Builder 1.0 by Tenon which ships with kaffe 0.5p3. 

I have been trying to get kaffe-0.8.1 installed on the system but I have
run into problems when trying to build  mkkaffevm. Because there are no
shared libraries with this build kaffe-0.8.1/kaffe/kaffevm/external.c tries
to include ../../packages/external_native.h which does not exist.

I have downloaded the biss-net, javasoft, and epfl packages, these
subdirectories are in the packages directory but none contains the missing

Anyone have any ideas?


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