Alpha OutOfMemoryError

Eduardo Takahashi takahasi+ at
Tue Feb 25 14:45:33 PST 1997

Hi there,

I'm running a very simple app on Kaffe 0.8.1 with very different 
results on alpha and NetBSD.


public class myls {
    public myls() {
	try {
	    Runtime rt = Runtime.getRuntime();
	    Process pr = rt.exec("/bin/ls");
	catch (IOException e) {


    static public void main(String[] args) {
	myls ru = new myls();

With alpha_osf32 I got:

> kaffe myls
> java.lang.OutOfMemoryError
        at java/lang/Runtime.exec(line unknown, pc 14005d130)
        at java/lang/Runtime.exec(line unknown, pc 1400597ac)
        at myls.exec(7)
        at myls.main(17)

And with i386_nbsd1: 

> kaffe myls
> cat.class     ls.class      ksh.class       myls.class    runtime.class
date.class      milis.class

(That is the content of the directory)

/bin/ls is accessible in both cases. Changing the program to be 
executed to any other gives the same result on alpha_osf32!
Does anyone have a clue of what is wrong?

BTW, I noticed that running on java version "1.0.1" (Ported by OSF) 
I get:

> java myls

what means that it does not redirect the output automaticaly. It is
necessary to include InputStream operations to get the output of
processes being executed outside the VM. Does anyone know if it is
part of the specifications?



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