Debugging hooks for kaffe

Per Bothner bothner at
Thu Feb 27 13:15:12 PST 1997

In response to my:

>The priority of Cygnus is to get our gcc front-end working,
>and then enhance gdb to debug statically compiled Java code.

someone asked in private email "Has Kaffe been taken over by Cygnus??"

so I should clarify what is going on.

Cygnus is now expending serious resources into building a
production Java system based on gcc, Kaffe, and gdb.
(My home page says more about our plans - it now points
to the slides and complete paper I presented at IEEE
Compcon on Tuesday.)  We have two full-time engineers
(myself and Jeff Hsu), a part-time manager, and we are
hiring 1-2 more people.  We are working closely with
Tim.  Things are happening quickly, and I hope to say
more about this soon.

Even though were putting serious efforts in making Kaffe
and gcc/java into a product, it will of course remain free software.
We still can't do it all ourselves, and we need to co-operate
with other partners and volunteers.

So in my respons about debugging support, I was (tersely)
explaining our plans.  (For more detail see the paper or the
slides.)  That does not preclude others from pursuing other
approaches for debugging (such as support for Sun's Java
debugger), but only to let people know that, yes, there are
plans for debugging; but, no, nothing useful has been implemented
yet, that I know of.

	--Per Bothner
Cygnus Solutions     bothner at

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