Markus Dahm dahm at wypadki
Fri Feb 28 17:18:00 PST 1997


I did not succeed to install kaffe-0.8.1 on Solaris 2.5. When I
start kaffe it will always give me a "Segmentation fault".
      (kaffe-0.7.1 does work!)

The debugger says it's at zextract.c:310

      zipd->filename_length = filename_length;

Printing out zipd's content doesn't work, gdb claims

      No symbol "zipd" in current context.

though I compiled everything with -g.

The stack looks like this:

#0  0xef750f28 in read_zip_archive ()
#1  0xef74a7fc in findClass (class=0x5baf0, cname=0x3602a "HelloWorldApp") at findClass.c:71
#2  0xef749320 in loadClass (name=0x36028, loader=0x0) at classMethod.c:297
#3  0xef74944c in lookupClass (name=0xeffff2d0 "HelloWorldApp") at classMethod.c:327
#4  0xef7505fc in do_execute_java_class_method (cname=0xeffff621 "HelloWorldApp", method_name=0x122a0 "main", signature=0x122a8 "([Ljava/lang/String;)V") at support.c:238
#5  0x10e2c in main (argc=2, argv=0xeffff4b4) at main.c:87

Any suggestions ? (And yes, my CLASSPATH is quite ok :)


BTW: How strong is kaffe's dependency on using gcc features? I'd like
to port it to a machine, where definitively no gcc will be available.

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