Kaffe performance: 0.9.0 vs 0.9.1

Eric S Fraga e.fraga at ucl.ac.uk
Tue Jul 1 03:53:09 PDT 1997

Hi again!

Last week, I was disappointed with the performance of kaffe versus Sun's
JDK after upgrading both the JDK and kaffe. Well, the latest version of
kaffe has changed things around again! Version 0.9.1 is again faster
than Sun's VM for my code, albeit only marginally (about 15% faster).

Can't comment on the BISS-AWT aspects yet as I can't get it run
(but haven't spent any time on it yet).
Error message is:
        at java/awt/Frame.addNotify(139)
        at java/awt/Window.show(132)

Again, thanks for the great work!


PS - I'm running RedHat Linux 4.1 on a Pentium Pro 200 with 64 MB, in
case that has any bearing on things.
Eric S Fraga, Chem & Biochem Eng, UCL, www.chemeng.ucl.ac.uk/staff/fraga.html

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