installing kaffe

Uri Blumenthal uri at
Tue Jul 1 18:08:33 PDT 1997

>>>>> "James" == James Kevin Doyle <jdoyle at> writes:

    >>  i have been having some problems installing kaffe 0.90 on
    >> linux (debian, kernel version 2.0.30, i586). symptoms are:.....

    James> I had a problem like this when installing kaffe/biss on
    James> linux--....and my problem was that my C shared
    James> libraries were too old, that is, that the major versions
    James> were right but the minor versions were old.  Essentially,
    James> when I upgraded from gcc 2.7.0 to gcc 2.7.2 including
    James> necessary libraries like and so forth, kaffe/biss
    James> immediately worked afterwards.


    James> So perhaps a first step would be to just check your shared
    James> libraries' versions.

Close, but no cigar:

Linux 2.0.29 #11 Sun Feb 16 01:35:16 EST 1997 i586
/lib/  gcc version  ldd: version 1.9.2

Fresh enough for you? Still kaffe/biss does not work. Kaffe without
biss seems to work fine, like you said.  Biss is broken since 0.9.0
release of kaffe, at least on my box.

What did ou say the second step would be? (:-)

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