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Mon Jul 7 18:09:54 PDT 1997


	Sorry if I am bothering you, but I am writing to you because I am in search of
people that are interested in JAVA SCRIPTS.  I got your e-mail address from a web page
search of people releated to JAVA.  The reason I am writing you is because I am in
search for people to come join our 24 HOUR JAVASCRIPTS community.  Currently, 24 HOUR
JAVASCRIPTS consists of about 24000 members.  At JAVASCRIPTS, web and JAVA developers
of all kinds (novice users to expert users) share ideas, and trade JAVA scripts.  We
have a database of JAVA scripts for our members to download, and everything comes 
with complete descriptions.  It is a really great place to get ideas, and download
some JAVA code to add some spark to your web page.

	Now I bet you are looking for the catch.  THERE IS NONE!  This letter is not
even comming to you from JAVASCRIPTS.  I am a member, and I just want to boost the
number of users at JAVASCRIPTS for the better of everyone.  Regestering to become
a member is completely free, and there is NOTHING TO BUY at JAVASCRIPTS.  Believe me,
it is nothing more than a place where people share ideas, and trade JAVA code.

	Don't miss out.  If you are interested in web development and JAVA code, then
stop on by today!  We would LOVE to see you there.  The more people there are with
ideas, the better the place for you, and for me!  To come on by, click the link below!


Thank you for your time,

A happy user of JAVASCRIPTS!

PS. I apologize if you find this e-mail as SPAM.  I only am e-mailing you because I found your
    e-mail address on the internet relating to a webpage with JAVA.  This list was never for
    sale, and this is a one time run, so I won't be running it again.  You will be automatically
    removed after this e-mail is sent.

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