David Morton mortonda at horizon.hit.net
Tue Jul 8 07:26:15 PDT 1997

On 08-Jul-97 promote at isolnet.com wrote:
>A happy user of JAVASCRIPTS!

Maybe the fact that your email has "promote" in it has nothing to do with the
fact that you are promoting this... Maybe all those gifs on the web page are
NOT really advertisements...  Maybe the registration needed to get in the site
is not to gain email addresses for SPAM... maybe this email wasn't SPAM, 
although I have already gotten two copies of it.  

I guess in the mindset of Microsoft, you can say all that, and as the webpage
http://www.isolnet.com seems to be completely Microsoft, I understand your 

But I think you should know one technical detail.  "Java" is not a script.
"Java" is NOT Javascript, or as you call it, JAVASCRIPT. Whatever.  Get your
facts straight.  Twice now, you have posted to mailing lists that concern Java,
and neither one of them will be likely to be interested in your product.
I say your product, because this was indeed a marketing campaign.  It reeks of
Microsoft, and that's all Microsoft is; marketing.

>PS. I apologize if you find this e-mail as SPAM.  I only am e-mailing you
>because I found your
>    e-mail address on the internet relating to a webpage with JAVA.  This list
>was never for
>    sale, and this is a one time run, so I won't be running it again.  You
>will be automatically
>    removed after this e-mail is sent.

pffff.  If it is the last one I'd be truly happy.  But it will be the last one I
read.  Further email from your domain will be bounced.

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