FileDialog in Kaffe 0.84

Clyde Smith-Stubbs clyde at
Mon Jul 7 23:37:54 PDT 1997

G'day all, I've just installed Kaffe 0.84 on SunOS 4.1.3 Sparc,
and all seems to be pretty kosher apart from one thing (so far):

If I try to use a FileDialog all I get is a Window - i.e. I
have something like this:

	filedial = new FileDialog(this, "Open file in editor");
	filedial.resize(100,100);		// DEBUG
	System.out.println("In openFile " + filedial.toString()); // DEBUG;
	filename = filedial.getFile();

which works fine on HP-UX JDK1.0.2, and other environments, but on Kaffe
all I get is a Window (without the resize it is 0,0 and therefore invisible)
and the show() call returns immediately, and getFile() returns null.

Any suggestions?. Oh, I'm using the biss AWT.

TIA, Clyde

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