Mail reply delays

Per Bothner bothner at
Tue Jul 15 17:04:35 PDT 1997

> I'm staying in Mountain View
> (near a car wash everyone knows apparently) but I can drive wherever - though
> whether I can drive back is another matter....

There is the Tied House brew-pub a few blocks from Mountain View
down-town.  (I don't know it very well, but supposedly they do serve
real food.)  It can get pretty crowded, I'm told.

There is also Gordon Biearch in either Palo Alto or San Jose or
San Francisco.  This is a brew-pub/Calfornia food restaurant mini-chain.

St James Infirmary is a deliberately tacky beer-and-burger semi-dive
on Moffet between MV down-town and 101.

El Toritos has Margueritas, other drinks, snack food, and/or dinner
in a bar or sit-down area.  At El Camino Real and San Antonio in MV.

Those are ones I can remember off the top of my head that are in/near MV.


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