[Q] compiling kaffe-0.9.1 on DEC OSF1 V3.2 ?

albe at isr027.isr.kfa-juelich.de albe at isr027.isr.kfa-juelich.de
Fri Jul 25 04:46:07 PDT 1997


 has anybody successfully compiled kaffe-0.9.1 on 
	'OSF1 V3.2 214 alpha' (uname -a) ?
There seem to be some problems with the _methods structure?

Are there any binaries available?

What about the strange behavior of the 'classes.zip' supplied by the 
package-javasoft.com? It doesn't seem to be recognized. (testet on a Linux Box)
But using the Netscape classes works.

A. Bednarz

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