Kaffe (and JIT) for ARM

Neil A. Carson neil at causality.com
Wed Jul 30 15:10:18 PDT 1997

Dear Peter,

I in fact ported Kaffe (interpreting mode) to NetBSD/arm32 (NetBSD OS
running on ARM610, ARM700, ARM710, ARM810 and StrongARM rev. J-S---for
example the Digital Network Appliance Reference Design) a little while
ago, but unfortunately forgot to send the source files to Tim to include
in the main tree before my disc was reformatted.

Does VxWorks run PIC? We have a full shared/PIC toolchain.

I did this largely for the adventure of it and will reproduce the interpreter
work when I get another NetBSD/arm32 machine (and remember to send the
changes to Tim this time!) I planned to do JIT, but it seemed like a lot
of work... However my company will happily quote for this work (in a couple
of weeks probably as the relevant person is on holiday), please e-mail
sales at causality.com.

Getting JIT Kaffe up on the StrongARM should run like a bullet.


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