Guy Carpenter guy at
Wed Jul 30 22:40:05 PDT 1997

I've just started using kaffe as the
engine for a 3d virtual world.  The current implementation
uses plain C.  I'm now splitting the
server engine (which will remain in C) from the world model,
which will be rewritten in Java.

Parts of the world model will be modified on the fly.  I'm be trying to
get a local file ClassLoader working so I can experiment with
loading (and hopefully unloading) classes.  I've just started
working with kaffe and I'm very impressed - I hope I can contribute
to its development as my own project tickles kaffe's soft bits.

Reason for posting:
I have a query about the implementation of
which according to the 1.1 API
"Returns the number of bytes that can be read from this file input stream
without blocking. "

On a freshly opened file with 500 bytes I always get 0.  File.length()
returns the correct result (and so I have a workaround).

Or am I completely off track?


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