Compiling under RedHat 4.1 Linux

Marco Bizzarri bizzarri at
Tue Jun 3 15:07:59 PDT 1997

Hi all.

I just finished compiling the kaffe 0.9.0 under RedHat Linux 4.1.
However, when I tried to compile the HelloWorld example in the test
directory, I get a core. Inspecting with the gdb, it appeared to be some
sort of SIGFPE generated while inside the gc_heap_malloc function. Any

Thank you all in advance.
Marco Bizzarri
Marco Bizzarri
RETIS Lab, Scuola Superiore S. Anna, Via Carducci 40, 56100 Pisa, Italy
e-mail bizzarri at, tel +39 50 883 284 fax +39 50 883 215

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