running kaffe0.9.0 on netbsd/m68k

Grzegorz Wojtowicz gelo at
Thu Jun 5 10:07:19 PDT 1997

after successful compilation of kaffe 0.9.0 packages trying to execute
javac , appletviewer ,javadoc and kaffe itself gives me the following: Undefined reference "_java_lang_***_setDouble" 

The classes path is set right.There werent any warning messages during
compilation time.So aint it a bug in the code ?(APICore)
if not dunno why the linker complain about that.
(The kaffe engine was interpreter)

and my second question about the jit code ,couldnt find any ***-jit.h
files in .../m68k/netbsd1 path.There are only the generic ones in .../m68k
Will applying jit headers from .../m68k/openbsd work ?

Any help appreciated.


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