running 0.9.0 on linux

Thomas C. Corner tcorner at
Fri Jun 6 22:44:01 PDT 1997


I have compiled kaffe on my linux 2.0.30 system successfully. However, ehen it
is used to compile java code via the javac script it is three times slower than
the compiling with the normal components of the jdk1.1.1v3 from Karl Asha.  The
configure script says it is generating jit and the jdk is not jit. How can I
tell if it is really running jit?

Also using the biss package I am not yet able to run my graphic program. I get
a null pointer exception. It runs fine under jdk.  Any suggestions?

Thomas C. Corner <tcorner at> - 07-Jun-97 - 08:44:05                  
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