BISS Questions

Paul Chapman pchapman at
Mon Jun 9 08:06:35 PDT 1997


  I have a few questions concerning the BISS AWT running on Kaffe 0.8.4.
These are to do with its compatibility with the regular AWT.

  Firstly, whenever I try to do a getImage(), I get the following error:

Failed to locate native function:
        at sun/awt/image/GifImageDecoder.readImage(295)
        at sun/awt/image/GifImageDecoder.produceImage(155)
        at sun/awt/image/InputStreamImageSource.doFetch(214)
        at sun/awt/image/

  Does anybody know what this is?  This appears on both Intel and Alpha

  Secondly, on my machine all the text in text fields is invisible!  I can
type stuff in and the cursor moves along, and then I can select the unseen
text.  I have a greyscale monitor, but I can't imagine how this would be a
problem since the background for the text fields is white and any other
colour would be darker than this.

  Finally, (not to do with BISS) I have noticed that on Alpha Linux, in
kaffe/kaffevm/thread.c, it seems to incorrectly select alarm() for MALARM,
rather than setitimer().  I'm not sure about why, just yet.  This doesn't
appear on Intel Linux.  Anyway, fixing that makes things a lot more
useable :)  I guess this isn't really a question, but I was wondering if
anyone could shed any light on this.  SETITIMER is #defined in config.h,
which makes me wonder if other things aren't propagating correctly either.

  Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!  I don't know if this mailing
list is the right place to discuss this, but I'm not sure if the problems
are related to BISS or to Kaffe.

-Paul Chapman (pchapman at

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