Speed of version 0.9

Eric S Fraga e.fraga at ucl.ac.uk
Tue Jun 24 07:38:09 PDT 1997


First of all, let me say thanks (again) to all those concerned. I've
been very impressed with kaffe and have been using it for the last 6
months without fail.  It's made all the difference for some of my large
runs (real applications).

However, I've just upgraded (need some of the new features) to version
1.1.1 of the JDK and simultaneously to version 0.9.0 of kaffe and have
found that the jdk is 4 times faster than kaffe for my applications (on
average)!  This does not seem right.  Have I screwed up something

Eric S Fraga, Chem & Biochem Eng, UCL, www.chemeng.ucl.ac.uk/staff/fraga.html

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