Speed of version 0.9

Dave Glowacki dglo at SSEC.WISC.EDU
Tue Jun 24 08:42:26 PDT 1997

> However, I've just upgraded (need some of the new features) to version
> 1.1.1 of the JDK and simultaneously to version 0.9.0 of kaffe and have
> found that the jdk is 4 times faster than kaffe for my applications (on
> average)!  This does not seem right.  Have I screwed up something
> obvious?

I've noticed that 0.9.0 is a major memory pig (on my under-endowed FreeBSD
machine, at least) which sucks up nearly all my available swap space (though
that may be due in part to the much larger classes.zip file.)

If this is the case on your machine, the slowness could simply be due to
severe thrashing...

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