kaffe-0.8.x garbage collection problem (at least on m68k)

Tim Wilkinson tim at tjwassoc.demon.co.uk
Mon Mar 3 15:07:58 PST 1997


On Mon, 3 Mar 1997, Richard Henderson wrote:

> Likely dependant on the compiler.  The processor only needs 2 byte alignment.
> gcc 2.7.2 at least rounds to 4 bytes.
> But there is another problem with the gc, at least on A/UX -- the main
> program stack is grown dynamically, but only if the fault is through a
> write through %sp.  Which means that you cannot at startup time say
> 	stackbase = ...
> 	stackend = stackbase - X
> because X is likely below the current %sp, and so you'll crash on the
> first gc pass.  It would be nice if the gc would look at the current
> stack rather than the entire stack.  This would also have the effect
> of supressing false positives from stack garbage.

There are already GC related fixes a foot and I'll try to address this in
them.  I still worry about integrating the GC with native threads (e.g. how
does one obtain the current thread register set) when I come to abstract this.


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