kaffe-0.8.x garbage collection problem (at least on m68k)

Richard Henderson richard at atheist.tamu.edu
Mon Mar 3 17:14:57 PST 1997

> There are already GC related fixes a foot and I'll try to address this in
> them.  I still worry about integrating the GC with native threads (e.g. how
> does one obtain the current thread register set) when I come to abstract this.

Ug.  This will be a problem, especially in an SMP context.  You'll have
to actually halt the other threads, because the, erum, data element you
are wanting access to includes the combined register set, as well as all
of the combined stacks.  Nasty.

Once the buggers are stopped, at least for the LinuxThreads implementation
of posix threads, you'll have to use ptrace to get at the registers of the
other tasks.  For Win32, you can use GetThreadContext.  I have no idea
about cthreads or others.


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