threadh and thread.s for ARM

Antonio Lombrano antonio at
Sat Mar 8 01:47:36 PST 1997

I'm porting Kaffe to ARM (interpreter mode). My aim is to make java
programs run on Jumpstart toolkit (arm emulator).
Here follow the thread.h and thread.s I'm actually working on, maybe
they could be usefull to some of you.

 * threads-ARM.h
 * ARM threading information.

#ifndef __threads_ARM_h
#define __threads_ARM_h

/* The following structs are defined in threads.h, but don't include
that file,
 * unless you also include the files it needs for definitions. */
struct _ctx;
struct _thread;

void threadSwitch(struct _ctx* to, struct _ctx* from);
void threadInit(struct _ctx* to, void* func);
void threadInfo(struct _ctx* ee);
int threadFrames(struct _thread* tid);

#define	THREADSTACKSIZE		(32 * 1024)

#define	THREADSWITCH(to, from) 	threadSwitch(to, from)

#define	THREADINIT(to, func)	threadInit(to, func)

#define	THREADINFO(ee)		threadInfo(ee)

#define	THREADFRAMES(tid)	threadFrames(tid)


; thread-ARM.s
; Machine dependent function for dealing with thread

	AREA threadARMfunctions, CODE, READONLY

      	;Create a stack backtrace structure as specified
      	;in the ArmProcedureCallStandard. Pushes in the stack the
      	;register a1-a4, the variable register v1-v7, the frame pointer
      	;the stack pointer sp, the link return lr, and the program
counter pc.
      	;It makes fp point to pc in the stack, as specified in the APCS.
      	MOV	ip, sp
      	STMFD	sp!, {a1-a4,v1-v6, fp, ip, lr, pc}
      	SUB	fp, ip, #4
      	;do a stack checking
      	CMP 	sp,sl
        BLMI	__rt_stkovf_split_small
      	;We must now save the current stack pointer sp in
      	STR	sp, [a2] 	;a2 is the second argument, struct ctx* from
      	;We now change context, making sp pointing to the new stack saved 
      	;in to->restorePoint
      	LDR	sp, [a1]	;a1 is the first argument, struct ctx* to
      	;We calculate the right frame pointer
      	MOV	fp, sp
      	ADD	fp, fp, #52	;fp is 52 bytes more than sp
      	;Now we pop all the registers and exit
      	LDMEA	fp, {a1-a4, v1-v6, fp, sp, pc}

	;Creates the initial backtrace structure (56 bytes), and set the 
	;appropriate restore point
	LDR	a3, [a1, #4]	;Loads in register a3 the pointer to->stackEnd
	STR	pc, [a3, #-4]	;Stores the pc - this is probably unusefull !
	STR 	a2, [a3, #-8]	;Stores the fun add. passed as second arg. as lr
	MOV	a4, a3
	SUB	a4, a4,  #4
	STR	a4, [a3, #-12]  ;(to->stackEnd - 4) for sp - check !
	STR	a3, [a3, #-16]	;(to->stackEnd) for fp - check !
	MOV	a4, #0
	STR	a4, [a3, #-20]  ;0 for v6
	STR	a4, [a3, #-24]  ;0 for v5
	STR	a4, [a3, #-28]  ;0 for v4
	STR	a4, [a3, #-32]  ;0 for v3
	STR	a4, [a3, #-36]  ;0 for v2
	STR	a4, [a3, #-40]  ;0 for v1
	STR	a4, [a3, #-44]  ;0 for a4
	STR	a4, [a3, #-48]  ;0 for a3
	STR	a4, [a3, #-52]  ;0 for a2
	STR	a4, [a3, #-56]  ;0 for a1
	;We now save in to->restorePoint the value (to->stackEnd - 56)
	SUB	a3, a3, #56
	STR	a3, [a1]
	;We exit
	MOV	pc, lr

	;Initialize the stack for the main thread. It has been necessary to
	;write it entirely in assembler, because the armcc compiler does not
	;support inline asm.
        MOV  	a2,fp			;unsigned char** ptr= 'register fp'
        MOV   	a3,#0			;int i=0
        LDR   	a2,[a2,#-12]		;for(i=0;i!=2;i++)
        ADD   	a3,a3,#1		;	ptr=*(ptr-12)
        TEQ   	a3,#2			;We must backtrace in the stack
        BNE  	step			;for two times
        ADD	a2,a2,#4
        MOV    	a3,#0
        STR    	a2,[a1,#4]		;ee->stackEnd=ptr
        SUB    	a2,a2,#&8000		;THREADSTACKSIZE=32*1024
        STR    	a2,[a1,#8]		;ee->stackBase=ee->stackBase -
        STR    	a3,[a1,#0]		;ee->restorePoint=0
        ;The following instructions have been removed because the flags
        ;is initialized in the calling function(InitThreads).
        ;Should be necessary to include them again, modify the ctx
struct, so that
        ;flags member occupy 32 bit (instead of 8, being an uint8).
Doing not
        ;so the following instructions will overwrite other members.
        ;MOV	a2,1
        ;STR   	a2,[a1,#&c]		;ee->flags=1
        MOV   	pc,lr

	;This must be probably modified to adapt it to version 0.8.2
        MOV    	a2,#0			;int cnt=0
        MOV	a3,#0			;void** ptr=0
        LDR    	a4,[pc, #externData-.-8]  
        LDR    	a4,[a4,#0]		;extern thread* currentThread
        TEQ    	a1,a4			;if tid = currentThread ptr='reg. fp'
        BNE	notEqual
        MOV	a3,fp			;  else
	B	goOn        
        LDR  	a1,[a1,#0]
        LDR  	a1,[a1,#0]
        LDR  	a3,[a1,#40]!
        LDR    	a1,[a3,#0]		;'reg.a1'=*ptr
        TEQ    	a1,#0			;if *ptr=0
        BEQ    	exitLoop
        ADD    	a2,a2,#1		;cnt++
        LDR    	a3,[a3,#-12]		;ptr=*(ptr-12) /* ptr=fp in stack */
        LDR    	a1,[a3,#0]
        TEQ    	a1,#0			;if *ptr=0
        BNE    	loop
        MOV    	a1,a2			;'reg.a1'=cont
        MOV    	pc,lr			;return cnt
        DCD   	currentThread

        IMPORT 	currentThread
        IMPORT	__rt_stkovf_split_small

	EXPORT	threadSwitch
	EXPORT	threadInit
	EXPORT	threadInfo
	EXPORT	threadFrames

Anu bugs or comments are welcome
Antonio Lombrano

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