Alpha Unaligned access

Tim Wilkinson tim at
Sat Mar 8 07:58:00 PST 1997


On Fri, 7 Mar 1997, Eduardo Takahashi wrote:

> I deleted some files from to save some space and now
> whenever I run kaffe on alpha_osf32 I get tons of 
> Unaligned access pid=7288 <kaffe> va=650a2 pc=3ffbffcd74c ra=3ffbffcd784
> type=ldl
> The program ends ok, with the expected results, but slower than before.
> Runing on i386_nbsd1 there is no problem and the execution seems to be
> sligthly faster.
> I'm using kaffe 0.8.1 and my zip utility is Zip 2.1 by Info-ZIP.

In 0.8.1 mmap() is used to load in entire zip files and, due to the format
of zip files, this can cause unaligned accesses when they are read.  In 0.8.2
mmap() is not used except on architectures which can support unaligned accesses
(e.g. i386).


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