Alpha Unaligned access

Eduardo Takahashi takahasi+ at
Fri Mar 7 13:16:04 PST 1997

Hi there,

I deleted some files from to save some space and now
whenever I run kaffe on alpha_osf32 I get tons of 

Unaligned access pid=7288 <kaffe> va=650a2 pc=3ffbffcd74c ra=3ffbffcd784

The program ends ok, with the expected results, but slower than before.
Runing on i386_nbsd1 there is no problem and the execution seems to be
sligthly faster.

I'm using kaffe 0.8.1 and my zip utility is Zip 2.1 by Info-ZIP.

Obviously there is something wrong with my modified
because the original didn't cause any problem. Does anyone have
any idea?



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