Kaffe on BSD/OS 2.1 versions .0.8.X

me myself and I gerryt at mail.direct.ca
Tue Mar 11 14:05:33 PST 1997

People will have problems with BSD/OS 2.1. Your machine will
lock up solid, even if you are running as "nonroot" if you
call javac or kaffe itself.  The problem lies in in using MMAP which
appears to be broken in some way. I have tried casting, deleting
the mprotect line (which someone else suggested on the bsdi-users list)
but neither "method" is a solution. Right now the only cure is to
have -UMMAP in the kaffe/kaffevm/Makefile CFLAGS line.

On another note, I have been experimenting with Suns Animator
class and have found that BACKGROUNDCOLOR and SOUNDTRACK or
SOUNDanything dont do squat, yet the images animate just fine.
Any ideas on what to fix here?

I can make the URL "talk" if I access it directly through Netscape
but not indirectly using <applet. Weird. The code does work
albeit rather poorly on my SPARC IPX....

O, /dev/audio plays .au files nicely on BSD/OS with Netscape3.XX

Helper line should read: cat %s > /dev/audio for type audio/basic.


I'm receeefing a cuded messege-a frum IOoBIE BLEKE!!

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