Jigsaw and kaffe 0.8.2?

Frank Mehnert Frank.Mehnert at mchp.siemens.de
Fri Mar 7 05:58:24 PST 1997


is anyone there who tried to run jigsaw 1.0alpha3 with kaffe 0.8.2?
I don't know if my kaffe port or kaffe 0.8.2 has errors (with
kaffe 0.8.1 I hadn't any problems with this). The gc is disabled.
After starting jigsaw the line

loading properties from: ...

appears and after 10s or so I get a seg fault in soft.c/function
soft_monitorenter. This func gets an invalid object address.


Frank Mehnert
email: Frank.Mehnert at mchp.siemens.de

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