(javac|guavac|kaffe+javac) can't compile data java file

Louis-David Mitterrand mito at sprynet.com
Wed Mar 12 06:48:48 PST 1997

In the process of building a stock market app, I have a big (300K) data
file consisting of 8 static strings containing market codes and stock
names. When the app is initialized it builds a hashtable out of these

Now the problem: javac, guavac and kaffe+javac can't build the class
file correctly.

- javac takes 30 minutes and the resulting class is invalid

- guavac takes 20 seconds and the resulting class is invalid;

- kaffe+javac takes all my memory (40 megs RAM + 13 swap) and render my
  machine essentialy useless during 1 hour, swapping like hell
  (sometimes I get an OutOfMemoryError, which is much better:), the
  machines is totally pegged and I can't even exit;

- Microsoft's JVC.EXE happily compiles the file in 3 seconds (really!)
  and outputs a perfectly valid class.

Am I not supposed to make such big strings? Is there a better way of
stocking data in a class file? (everything has to be in class files for
my app). If anybody is interested in trying to reproduce it I can send
the source.

(using Debian-Linux 2.0.29)


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