(javac|guavac|kaffe+javac) can't compile data java file

Martin Rode Martin_Rode at public.uni-hamburg.de
Thu Mar 13 00:29:40 PST 1997

To all people complaining about javac-speed running in a VM!

You can use your full machine power to get JAVA classes compiled with a
native compiled java-compiler. Sounds confusing?

Yesterday I installed toba which is a JAVA to C translator. After
installation there were two binaries in the toba/bin directory. One is
called itoba and the other one is the one to pay attention to! It's
called xjavac and it's a compiled javac !!!! I was really surprised. It
compiles my java-programs (25 classes * app. 50-200 codelines) up to 5
times faster then the javac in the VM does! (For all code <1 min.! on a
Cyrix 6x86 100Mhz)
toba is available under:


One of the authors mailed to me that xjavac is not supposed to be used
outside the shell-script toba which will be in toba/bin after
installation too. He suggested to use 'toba -K' instead, but this
doesn't work as well as simply 'xjavac'.

For installation: 

1) Decide where to put toba before typing 'make'. Moving bins afterwards
is not easy...

2) I had to make a link to 'javac.properties' in my /lib/ directory.
xjavac expect it to be there. Perhaps you can find some line in some
Makefile to get this changed...

3) No more problems occured at least at my machine (Linux 2.0.29,
S.u.S.e. distribution).



xjavac even works from inside Java Workshop but everbody should have a
look at xemacs (with java-mode.el) first!

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