GC (was: kaffe-0.8.x garbage collection problem (at least on m68k))

forsyth at plan9.cs.york.ac.uk forsyth at plan9.cs.york.ac.uk
Wed Mar 12 14:01:58 PST 1997

>>mine to implement a memory management system which uses ref counting for
>>"simple" structures (Java Strings, StringBuffers, various kinds of streams
>>etc.) and some kind of a delayed two-pass traverse for all objects with
>>non-zero ref count.

indeed, Limbo/Inferno does use a hybrid scheme, with reference counting reclaiming
non-circular structures immediately, and another mechanism to
reclaim circular structures.  the more complex collections are done concurrently
with the operation of the system, using a special method,
since real time systems aren't too keen on being stopped for (say) a
leisurely sweep-and-mark collection.
(the predictability of storage management is guaranteed by the language in various ways.)

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